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It would be very helpful and possibly of benefit to the companies in question, if someone was to maintain an easily available list of ecosafe companies or batches of Tuna. I find it difficult to research which companies I should purchase from, as I can not rely on their own accounts or the availability of information on their fishing methods.

If there was a very public, and publicized, list of companies, their fishing methods (the boats they own, the types of said boats, and how they are equipped where this information is available), referenced incidents/inspection reports, and no subjective analysis (just the data and maybe a key explaining the different fishing methods and their various scales of impact. Again with no embellishment. Just the referenceable provable facts.) it would be a very powerful resource in your fight. It would encourage everyone to read a little on what they are buying and the companies to be a little bit more conscious of what they are doing due to the new consumer level transparency of the market.

Having it be very direct and without any "save the fish" type slogans that can be dismissed by those with predispositions, but containing the data that shows that the supply of the fish as well as the ecosystem and other creatures are in danger and that "these specific" companies are exacerbating the problem, will win over some portion of the "I eat what I want and no tree huggin hippies going to tell me different" constituant of the market. In turn, this will improve the likelihood of passing better regulations as well as improving the market through simple market pressures of a fair and open market. The companies that already practice better methods will likely see a growing demand due to the "free" advertising of the list. This, I believe, is the power of good reporting and the dissemination of good quality information. I know there is a good amount of this information already available. I say the list should be made with available information (blanks and all) and the quality and truthfulness of the information be improved with time and donations. (a list like this could make quite a bit of money through donations if it is referenced on cans of tuna from companies with good records)

It is important that the list remain free though. If I can pay to get on the list or grease a few palms to change some data, we will find ourselves back where we started. With false reports and illegal ships.

--T.J. in Texas

Tuna Truth Squad