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Blog Archive - January 2015

Enforcement On Imports To Save 650,000 Dolphins

by Atuna.com
January 30, 2015

The motivation of a dolphin activist-fueled court case has no timing link to the Mexican tuna fishery entering MSC assessment, and will have zero impact on the bid. This is according to Mark Robertson from the Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna, who states the real motivation behind the litigation is that the NRDC wants to expose the issue of more than 650,000 marine mammals being killed or seriously injured every year in all foreign fisheries, without specifically referring to tuna fisheries.  Continue reading >





No Friend of the Sea - UPDATED

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
January 20, 2015

You have all seen them. Eco-labels that claim to certify a wide array of sustainable practices. Some of them are legitimate efforts to inform consumers about the environmental impacts of selected products and the choices they can make. Others make false claims. What we do know is that all eco-labels are not created equal.  Continue reading >