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Blog Archive - April 2013

Does the U.S. Play Fair?

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
April 22, 2013

There’s a saying in sports that if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. Some – self-deceivers – may argue that this is the nature of competition. But in reality, it represents nothing more than poor values. It is an even poorer lesson to teach our children from a part of society that is so often used to instill values from an early age.  Continue reading >





Are Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labels Eco-Safe?

by Fins and Fluke
April 18, 2013

For many grocery shoppers a dolphin-safe label on their tuna can be a huge incentive to buy that product. Let’s face it; millions of people around the world adore dolphins. Buying a can of tuna that is advertised to the public that no dolphins were harmed can bring a sense of comfort. But what does the “dolphin-safe” label really mean? Does it mean that dolphins were safe from catch methods, or does it mean that there is no dolphin meat in that product?  Continue reading >





New “Dolphin-Safe” Regulations Are Not Exactly Dolphin-Safe

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
April 15, 2013

In 2012, the World Trade Organization (WTO) found that U.S. consumers are misled by tuna that is labeled “dolphin-safe” in the United States. Turns out a lot of the “dolphin-safe” tuna we eat is not actually dolphin-safe. So the WTO ruled that the U.S. needs to reform its current standards for deeming tuna “dolphin-safe.”  Continue reading >