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Blog Archive - May 2013

A Bird’s Eye View of Eco-Safe Tuna

by Jay Holcomb, Director - International Bird Rescue
May 31, 2013

International Bird Rescue was formed to provide aquatic birds with expert and compassionate care in emergency situations. For such species, the “dolphin-safe” tuna label has stagnated for two decades in a manner that today presents us with an emergency situation.  Continue reading >





Faces of FADS: Loggerhead Sea Turtle

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 20, 2013

The loggerhead sea turtle is the largest hard-shelled turtle in the world and is known for its large head, strong jaws and the distinct reddish-brown shading of its shell. Loggerheads swim mostly in the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. Adult Loggerheads can reach speeds as high as 15 mph as they move through the water.  Continue reading >





Sustainability Finally on the Way for Bumble Bee?

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 13, 2013

As previously noted by the Tuna Truth Squad, tuna sold in the U.S. by the big three – Bumble Bee, StarKist and Chicken of the Sea – is not considered dolphin-safe by just about any international standard. Now it looks like Bumble Bee might be on the verge of changing that.  Continue reading >





Help Us Speak Out Against Dolphin-Deadly Regulations

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 2, 2013

We’re calling on all followers of the Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna to leave as many comments as possible explaining why the proposed NOAA regulations duck on “dolphin-safe” labeling.  Continue reading >