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Blog Archive - May 2014

Blood Tuna: Earth Island’s “Dolphin-Safe” Get Rich Scheme Exposed in New NRDC Report

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 22, 2014

“Few realize it, but nearly every foreign fish product sold in the United States enters the U.S. market in violation of federal law.… The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) requires that all imported fish or fish products be accompanied by proof that the technology used to land the catch does not kill or seriously injure whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals in excess of U.S. standards.”  Continue reading >





Looking for Credible Eco-Labels

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 21, 2014

“We expect authority to follow credibility,” says Dr. Simon R. Bush of the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University.  Continue reading >





Mexico Considering The Best Options to Address Global Disinformation About Its Tuna Fishery

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 17, 2014

On Friday, May 16, Atuna.com published an article suggesting that the Mexican tuna industry is seeking MSC certification for its fishery. The Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna has spoken with a variety of government officials and industry leaders in Mexico and can report that the story published Friday does not tell the full story.  Continue reading >





Eco-Labeling: What does it really mean?

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 15, 2014

According to the Global Ecolabelling Network, "‘Ecolabelling' is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labelling that is practised around the world. An ‘ecolabel' is a label which identifies overall, proven environmental preference of a product or service within a specific product/service category" [sic].  Continue reading >





What other laws are being broken?

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 13, 2014

In yet another effort to pull the wool over our eyes, South Pacific Tuna Corporation, one of the main suppliers of Big Tuna, a commercial ally of Earth Island Institute and its deceptive “dolphin safe” labeling racket and, so it seems, one of the worst violators of marine protection regulations, was fined by the U.S. Coast Guard for using unlicensed foreign personnel to fill positions aboard U.S. flagged tuna vessels.  Continue reading >





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