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Earth Island Institute's Annual Report Raises Eyebrows

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
May 5, 2014

Earth Island Institute's Annual Report Raises Eyebrows

Earth Island Institute's (EII's) latest work of fiction describes their "achievements" in marine conservation. Atuna.com published this article on the EII's annual report for 2013.

In their report, EII touts their network of participating "508 tuna companies, brokers, fisherman, and retail outlets in 70 countries." As noted by Atuna.com, this seems like a lot to supervise for the 11 "international monitoring staff" listed later in the report. With only 11 people assigned, mostly part time, to oversee tuna fishing around the world, it is no wonder EII's "dolphin-safe" label lacks any credibility. There's no way 11 individuals can truly monitor global fishing operations.

Instead of actually monitoring pelagic fishing operations, EII allows ship captains to self-certify that their catches meet EII's (already) weak "dolphin-safe" criteria. Independent verifications of this system have repeatedly found that self-certification reports are falsified or fraudulent. Nevertheless, EII continues to sell their "dolphin-safe" label to tuna corporations and distribution chains. Instead of taking a stand for sustainable and eco-safe tuna fishing, EII has chosen to take the money and run.

This begs the question, how much longer can our oceans tolerate EII's indefensible deception and bullying?