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Take the Pledge to Support Global Sustainability of Tuna Fisheries!

by Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna
July 17, 2014

Take the Pledge to Support Global Sustainability of Tuna Fisheries!

The past few months have been busy for Earth Island Institute. At the May INFOFISH World Tuna Trade Conference and Exhibition in Bangkok, Executive Director David Phillips admitted that Earth Island's dolphin-safe label does not guarantee that no dolphins were injured or killed in the capture of the tuna. Then, despite their admittance that their "dolphin-safe" label does NOT actually protect dolphins, they have repeatedly failed to retract their claims that their scheme guarantees that tuna with the dolphin-safe label was caught with NO harm to dolphins. As a result, tens of thousands of dolphins are killed each year in the harvest of the tuna that carries Earth Island-backed dolphin-safe labels.

A recent study by the National Resources Defense Council found that "nearly every foreign fish product sold in the United States enters the U.S. market in violation of federal law." Earth Island's fraudulent "dolphin-safe" label can be found in every corner store and supermarket across the country. So consumers and retailers alike need to know that the label does not protect dolphins and our marine ecosystems. In fact, it causes irreparable harm to both.

As the summer progresses and seafood fills more plates, we need to put an end to Earth Island's tactics of intimidation and deception once and for all!

The first step is to educate producers, distributors, retailers and consumers about the true nature of the Earth Island "dolphin-safe" label and promote the viable, more credible alternatives that already exist, such as the AIDCP dolphin-safe certification, which actually DOES guarantee that ZERO dolphins are harmed in the capture of the tuna. Thanks to your help, we have made a lot of progress on this since we launched our campaign. Now we need you to stand up with us and say enough is enough!

That brings us to our pledge. By taking the pledge to support transparent, scientifically verifiable eco-labels, you can tell Earth Island and Big Tuna that consumers demand meaningful labels and will no longer tolerate bullying and deceit. We ask you to take the Pledge To Support Global Sustainability of Tuna Fisheries:

I pledge to not purchase any canned tuna products bearing deceptive "dolphin-safe" labels backed by Earth Island Institute and I urge tuna companies to replace it with an eco-system friendly certification system that is transparent and verifiable, truly protects dolphins and other marine species, reduces unintended bycatch and preserves our marine ecosystems for future generations.

At the Our Ocean Conference in June, Secretary of State Kerry said he wants to "ensure that all seafood sold in the United States is both sustainable and traceable, meaning customers will know exactly who caught it, where and when."  By taking the pledge, you will help us achieve this goal. Together we can put an end to Earth Island and make a difference in marine conservation and ocean sustainability.