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Pledge To Support Global Sustainability of Tuna Fisheries

Earth Island Institute is deceiving consumers and promoting one of the most environmentally devastating fishing practices in history. Their so-called “dolphin-safe” label mandates fishing methods that result in tremendously high levels of bycatch and discards of a wide range of marine life while, at the same time, covering up thescientifically verified fact that dolphins were harmed and killed in the capture of that tuna. For too long the companies that supply the majority of canned tuna products sold in the United States have been coerced into using this false label. The truth is that the label is deceptive and constitutes false advertising to consumers who rely on the accuracy of the label to make informed purchasing decisions. It is time that we put an end to Earth Island’s deceptive and damaging practices. We ask that you join us in this effort by taking our pledge:

I pledge to not purchase any canned tuna products bearing deceptive “dolphin-safe” labels backed by Earth Island Institute and I urge tuna companies to replace it with an eco-system friendly certification system that is transparent and verifiable, truly protects dolphins and other marine species, reduces unintended bycatch and preserves our marine ecosystems for future generations.

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